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First 1,000 Listens! :D

2010-09-12 18:21:15 by Beats4Beets

Hey everyone, i just got 1,000 listens on my Voltage remix!
I must say thanks to everyone who listens to my stuff, i really appreciate it!
If you want to hear the remix, its here:

My remix

Heres the Original by IceMasterDlux:

IMD's Original.

In other news...

I finally got new headphones, they cost me about 80 bucks which wasn't a terrible for the quality :)
Someone let me know if my songs start to sound to 'dry' cost these things seems to make everything sound like they've been showerd in Reverb or something xD

+ Ill be uploading my full version of End Of time tonight and a new decent Hardstyle track that i've been working on this weekend! :D

Wanna hear the End Of time [WiP] ?

Its right here!

Thanks again everyone.



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2010-09-22 19:51:51

What headphones did you get? Mine were $80 too, they're Sony Deep Bass headphones.

Beats4Beets responds:

Wow.. i seriously have to check for comments here more often xD
Well.. If you get this, there little JVCs. Dont know more then that. Comfortable and a great quality. Maybe ill look into your Sony ones.



2010-10-27 14:51:40

ummm, this is out of place again but thanks for helping me with the FL studio 9 thing, with any luck you should be seeing me around here more often. again thanks!

Beats4Beets responds:

Hahah dont worry about it, if you need any help at all, dont be afraid to pm me.
Good luck with everything man and dont get discouraged if you can't seem to come up with a very good song, i've played piano for 6 years and probably spent a total of WEEKS on FL and i STILL get times where nothing comes up.
Just hang in there :)



2010-11-07 19:39:48

What happened to your remix of the Code Lyoko song? Did it get deleted?

Beats4Beets responds:

Uhm, yes. I was orignially hoping no one would notice.
The reason why i deleted it was because i realised that one of the melodys were off note to the original. Which was extremely strange for me not to notice, i was asking myself if i was drunk while i made the song ! xD
PM me if you really want it back, ill reupload the 'right' version of it then. :)
Sorry about that! ^^'



2010-11-10 20:42:59

oh. well then please repost it! I liked it better than the original!

Beats4Beets responds:

Sure thing! Imma just see if i can fix that problem though, because it really bothers me xD
Dont worry though, the song won't be any different xD