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I really enjoyed this song,
You know the first 2 minutes and 9 secondes? Its so ridiculously identical to something i'd make, wow. Crazy right? ;D

Anyways, thought i'd give it an honest rating xD

Thanks for working with me eh? :D


Not bad!

I dont really see why you're so unhappy with this song, its actually really catchy! the only thing i'd watch is the volume mastering, like starting at 1:06, the backround arp could of been.. Not as loud. But the part after that was good!
Just watch out for that kind of stuff yano? Maybe find some good tutorials on mastering and whatnot. :)
Other then that, the song was really original and uplifting! Really enjoyed it actually xD Definitely heard worst xD


Ps: i voted a 3.. Meant to go for a 4 :s... Hope the "10" makes up for it :')

He's aliiiive!

Hey i'd like to say , welcome back! You definitely still have your game, no rusty-ness detected.
I think this wip, is well... a wip xD but also has potential of been a gooood song!
I found that this one had less 'perky/happiness' to it, which isn't a bad thing at all and your still rocking the 3x osc, but especially with the intro and everything.
I guess why im saying this, must be because the way you used the notes in the beginning. They threw me off a little bit because it seemed like perhaps they didn't follow the scale as well as they could. I wouldn't say they were off tune, but like, maybe used a the wrong times. See what im saying here? xD
Just a liiiitle odd sounding. Hope that helps hahahah, sorry for not being better at explaining things xD
Another then that, rock on! Good job on this one, keep it up!


IceMasterDlux responds:

Thanks man! I always appreciate your reviews a lot! And I am very glad that you overall liked it. I think I know what you mean about the notes, but dude, like I have said before, I really know nothing about music, I just make things how I like to hear them and by however I am inspired at the time! But honestly I'm sure your right! And yeah, this one wasn't as happy like the others because I wanted to try an older style I hadn't done in a while. But thanks a ton for your support! God bless you man!
!IceMasterDlux ><>

Im 14 and im addicted to virtual music.. thats right. I've ad FL Studio for a year now, if you still haven't checked me out.. I probably dont blame you... But you should still consider.

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